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Award-winning poet Katherine Hoerth's The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue opens with a poem presenting the birth of a wild Texas red-headed woman who springs full-grown from an ear of corn. She rides away--no doubt on one of those quarter horses on the cover--to vanish in the distance on the High Plains of Texas with the skyline of Amarillo on the horizon.
Released December 2, 2017

South of the Boredom by Jerry Bradley

With a respectful, well-traveled eye, Bradley explores the magical, mystical and mundane of Mexico’s cultural expanse, from the sun-baked Southwest to the jutting fist of Tulum. Witt and observant, poignant and sure, these poems peer past the exotic surface of far-flung moments, drawing out the universally human.”
     David Bowles, author of Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Maya Poetry
Released August 11, 2017

Parallel Hours by Andrew Geyer and Jerry Craven is a time-travel novel featuring three people who escape the Soviet invasion of Baku in 1992 by using a flawed bit of technology, a time window that strands them in 1221, right before the Mongol invasion of the city. Perhaps the novel is historical fantasy, perhaps alternative history, or perhaps science fiction. Whatever its classification, it presents a compelling adventure story, and the writers never forgot that they are literary artists in their attention to character, language, theme, and careful historical research.
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