Paul H. Williams, Oklahoma and Else           
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The first stories in this baker's dozen are set in the fictive Guess County, Oklahoma, and trace the county’s evolution from the times of folk lore to today’s manicured tourist traps. In them you will meet the shape-shifter Jake Skin, a pioneer couple who bring life back into their relationship by saving the life of an infant, and adolescents shedding their youth while coming to terms with their place and heritage. The Guess County tales are accompanied by stories set somewhere else. Two stories investigate “gothic” mental states, two stories have their origins in the Vietnam war, and two stories deal with creative urges and  loving obsessions. The last story is a fanciful creation tale. Welcome to Oklahoma and Else, a territory where there is violence, guile, and survivor’s guilt, but where there is also hope and music, even in a glass of wine.

A collection of short stories and essays by award-winning writer Steve Sherwood

This collection of stories and essays by Steve Sherwood takes the reader on a moving, sometimes darkly comic, tour of life, death, and family in the American West. The settings range from Texas to Montana, with detours to Kansas and the canyons of northern Mexico. The characters—a National Park garbage man who longs to be a ranger, a couple who harvest the wheat planted by the wife’s father before his death, a young woman who hosts a swim party for the Dallas Organization to Aid Fat Americans, and a father who takes his son to a DUI hearing before the toughest judge in Texas—are contemporary Westerners whose ordinary lives sometimes cross paths with the extraordinary.  Sherwood is also the author of Hardwater, a mystery novel set in Wyoming and published by the Texas Review Press in 2004.

The Wild Part, a novel by Jerry Craven,
a tale based on real people

In many ways this is a companion piece to Jerry Craven's memoir, Saving a Songbird, recently published by Slough Press.

From the preface:
"While this is a work of fiction, it is based on my own adventures in the wild part of Venezuela. In writing this story, I drew inspiration from Jerzy Kosiński’s wonderful book, The Painted Bird, especially from the way Kosiński turned his experiences in wandering around Europe into a novel. As Kosiński did, I write from memory filtered through imagination." 

Foreword Magazine names The Wild Part finalist for best novel of 2013 in two categories:
                      Multi-Cultural Adult Fiction
                       Young Adult Fiction

Women of Thunder, the sequel to The Wild Part, was published by TCU Press.

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The Jungle's Edge, Jerry Craven

Within hours of arriving in Malaysia, Amarillo cowboy Nolan Fritch and Houston artist Kent Day face both dangerous criminals and over-zealous local police. While some of the thugs who confront Nolan and Kent in the streets of Kuala Lumpur seem harmless and comical, others, especially those trafficking in sex slaves and drugs, prove to be deadly serious in plotting to murder the two Texans.

          Jerry Craven has lived for extended periods in Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Europe. Of his 27 published books, 6 are novels. He lives in the Angelina National Forest with his wife, poet Sherry Craven. Currently he serves as press director for Lamar University Literary Press and editor-in-chief for the international literary journal Amarillo Bay. His writer’s website is
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ISBN: 978-0-9883844-7-7    Cover art: Peter Kim 
Ceremonial Stones of Fire

Jerry Craven based these 11 exotic stories on real experiences and people he knew in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, and along the pirate coasts of the Straits of Malacca:
                      New Opal Ring
                      A Man He Never Knew
                      Shadow Man
                      The Odor of Durian
                      Caught by Memory
                      The Bomoh's Apprentice
                      The Skulls of Chiang Mai
                      To Buy a Knife 
                      A Magic Pig
                      Ceremonial Stones of Fire

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Parallel Hours by Andrew Geyer and Jerry Craven is a time-travel novel featuring three people who escape the Soviet invasion of Baku in 1992 by using a flawed bit of technology, a time window that strands them in 1221, right before the Mongol invasion of the city. Perhaps the novel is historical fantasy, perhaps alternative history, or perhaps science fiction. Whatever its classification, it presents a compelling adventure story, and the writers never forgot that they are literary artists in their attention to character, language, theme, and careful historical research.
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Dancing on Barbed Wire
"All three contributors to this volume have achieved recognition, both popular and critical. All three are members of the prestigious Texas Institute of Letters. As writers endowed with considerable creativity and as Texans by heritage and commitment, Dalrymple, Craven, and Geyer have lent their compelling voices to this innovative anthology focused on the people and passions of the Lone Star State."
     --Tom Mack, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina Aiken
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