A new book by the remarkably talented Jan Seale 

            author of numerous books of poetry 
            award-winning writer of fiction
            Texas Poet Laureate

Is it genes, or environment or something else that causes a child to select one of the arts as a life’s work? What are the odds that the offspring of a musician and a poet will be artists? One family’s creative passage shines a light on the deliberate and incidental ways in which all five came to be involved is music, literature, and visual art. This family autobiography is unscientific, anecdotal, and entertaining—in the best tradition of memoirs.

Carl Craven offers adventures that span the twentieth century and range from the javelina hardscrabble of Texas to the Carribean coast and river jungles of Venezuela. It is an unusual memoir full of surprising stories and charming essays about extraordinary people you will enjoy meeting. Once you start this book, you will not want to put it down.

ISBN: 978-0-9883844-0-8

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"A humorous, charming, and informative book"—Jerry Bradley

Dr. Fail says in the preface, "I didn’t write these biology-oriented essays (or perhaps stories) for professional biologists, though I think biologists might enjoy them. These pieces were composed over a period of years spanning my last decade of gainful employment as a biologist and continuing into my retirement from teaching college classes in biology. Many are set in Texas where I grew up, though the settings vary widely. 
     "I have reached into my past to other times and places for the subjects of anecdotes and living creatures that deserve some chronicling, however strange or seemingly familiar they might seem to people who notice them in their own backyards." 

Press Release for Dr. Fail's book 
ISBN: 978-0-9883844-3-9