Released January 18,2018

Award-winning poet Katherine Hoerth's The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue opens with a poem presenting the birth of a wild Texas red-headed woman who springs full-grown from an ear of corn. She rides away--no doubt on one of those quarter horses on the cover--to vanish in the distance on the High Plains of Texas with the skyline of Amarillo on the horizon.
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South of the Boredom by Jerry Bradley

With a respectful, well-traveled eye, Bradley explores the magical, mystical and mundane of Mexico’s cultural expanse, from the sun-baked Southwest to the jutting fist of Tulum. Witt and observant, poignant and sure, these poems peer past the exotic surface of far-flung moments, drawing out the universally human.”
     David Bowles, author of Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Maya Poetry
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